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Mineralized Alkaline Water

Santevia offers a full range of filtration products from at-home filters, an on-the-go line, and even a bath filter.

Optimized for Health
Today's city water is processed with harmful contaminants. Santevia is the only brand to echo earth's natural mineral filtration by first filtering contaminants then restoring essential minerals to water. The result: fresh and smooth naturally alkaline water that's healthier for you.
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Family-Owned & Sustainably Focused
Santevia is a Canadian, family-owned business. We strive to manufacture locally so you can enjoy quality and sustainable water filtration products.
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The Alkaline Difference

Our filters naturally raise the pH of water by up to +2.0, creating alkaline water to help balance acidity in your body.

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Filtration Matters Most

Our products are meticulously designed to filter contaminants like chlorine, lead, fluoride and microplastics.

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Minerals in Every Glass

Our filters add essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium to create water that is healthy for you.

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Optimized for Taste

By adding healthy minerals in just the right amounts, Santevia water is not only healthy, it also tastes fresh and delicious.

Santevia Training Portal
Santevia Training Portal
Learn about our story, our products and the alkaline solution for health. The Santevia training portal is the perfect way to get your store's staff trained on the unique benefits Santevia's water filtration products offer.
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