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Industry Program
Health Conscious Community

The Santevia Industry Program serves a community of health-focused professionals.

If you are a retail employee, a certified health professional, or have an existing relationship with Santevia, please apply below to access industry discounts.

Terms & Conditions
Your participation in the program is at the sole discretion of Santevia. All orders are reviewed and are always subject to Santevia approval

For your personal individual use only; no purchasing for your friends, family, or other industry customers without the express written permission of Santevia

Subject to availability, no backorders

Discounts will apply against MSRP, and are not in addition to any advertised sale price

All orders must be processed on santevia.com

Standard industry discounts may not apply on all products, final pricing will be displayed in your cart

Items purchased through the Industry Program are not for resale. Anyone found to be reselling Santevia products will be removed from the program immediately

Please be discreet about the program, encourage your industry friends to join, but don’t brag to others about your deal or not paying retail

Applicable only to orders of $25 or more

Returns for refund accepted within 30 days of your order

Shipping and handling will be charged on all orders under $99. Expedited shipping is available at an extra charge

You may be asked to supply current credentials at anytime to maintain your enrolment in the program

Help us spread the word; if you love your product, then please use your influence by writing product reviews online (at santevia.com and/or our online partners)

Proof of eligibility required during the application process