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January 10, 2017

Only a couple days into 2017, and it’s already easy to forget about those plans that you promised yourself you’d stay committed to. That’s why Santevia is launching a mini-series focused on keeping on track with those New Year’s Resolutions and your journey to health.

In Healthy Motivation, Saschie MacLean, founder of RSVP33, gives you her personal tips on staying motivated and healthy.


Throughout her childhood, Saschie was a dedicated, competitive athlete; she competed in cheerleading throughout high school and university, and stayed fit later on through dance. But after losing her sister in a car accident a few years ago, Saschie decided to use dance not only as a form of exercise, but also as a way to overcome her grief and get back on track to being healthy.

She signed up for more dance classes as a way to make friends, feel healthier, and get back on track with her fitness goals.

After falling in love with dance, and Beyoncé again, Saschie co-founded RSVP33 to inspire others to stay healthy, happy, and fit.

She suggests taking things step by step, and building on small, good habits.

“Being well-balanced is absolutely crucial to me finding success in my life.”

Her best tips are:

– get outside for a short walk at the beginning of your day

– turn off your phone thirty minutes earlier than you normally would before you go to sleep

– drink more mineralized, alkaline water from your Santevia Alkaline Pitcher or Gravity Water System

Don’t wait another day to improve your health.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

So start today!


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