What’s Missing From Your Drinking Water?

February 26, 2017

The body is 73% water, so it’s no wonder that people are so concerned about the type of liquids they’re putting into their bodies. But just because your water is clean, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthy. It’s hard to believe that the water you drink everyday could be missing a crucial component; but the average water filter will actually remove minerals that are beneficial to your health.

So What’s the H-2-Know on Mineral Water?

First of all, we should iron out some of the details (yes, that was a mineral joke). Mineral water is a combination of many different minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and more. These minerals will raise the pH of your drinking water and make it more alkaline. If you want to know why alkaline water is good for your health, check out this link.

But who says that mineral water is even good for you?

Well, actually, WHO says that it’s good for you. The World Health Organization (WHO) released a study stating the importance of drinking water with magnesium and calcium, and its relation to a lower risk of heart disease and reduced blood pressure. Not to mention the fact that Montana State University found that individuals who drank mineralized, alkaline water were found to be better hydrated and had higher pH levels.

What now?

Before you run to the store to pick up an expensive, bubbly version of this natural substance, you should know there is an easier way. Santevia products naturally add minerals including calcium and magnesium that will raise the pH of the water.


Better tasting, mineralized and alkaline water is just a click away. Prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure and stay hydrated by drinking Santevia Mineralized Water. Visit the Santevia website and explore the different products that can give you alkaline and mineralized water.

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This post was written by Makena Anderson

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