Teaser: Start Today – A Mini-Series on Motivation, Determination, Inspiration

It's a new year! If you think having gone another lap around the sun will somehow improve and change you for the better, prepare to be disappointed. Resolutions are just cliches if you don't put action towards them and hold yourself accountable, but the human mind is a powerful thing. Coincide action with motivation, determination, and inspiration to set yourself up for success! You are the only one who can take action, but Santevia can help by providing you with motivation, determination, and inspiration. Santevia presents the Start Today mini-series: In Healthy Motivation, Saschie MacLean (RSVP 33) shares how in grieving the passing away of her sister motivated her to heal through dance. January 10 In Fit Determination, Lucas Patriquin (FORCE Pro. Fitness) talks about his determination in staying true to his passion and finding success. January 19 "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain So Start Today.