The NEW Santevia POWER Water Stick!

October 14, 2015

This is what you have been waiting for…

All you need to do is to turn on that tap, and you can finally have what you wanted all along: clean, mineralized and alkaline water, anytime of the day, anywhere you go!

We’re extremely thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Santevia family:

The Santevia Power Water Stick!

Santevia POWER Water Stick

Not only is the Santevia POWER Water Stick designed and tested in Canada, it is also manufactured right here at the Santevia head office in Delta, BC, Canada. Proudly Canadian!

You might wonder: how is the Santevia POWER Water Stick different from the already pretty amazing Santevia MINERAL Water Stick? Well, they both add minerals raising the pH of your water. However, the Santevia POWER Stick also reduces chlorine which makes it perfect for use with tap water, while the Santevia MINERAL Stick is perfect if you already have filtered water (like RO water or the big bottles of water at the office or gym).

Two great Santevia Water sticks – two different reasons to get one!

Santevia POWER Water Stick

That means you can have clean, great tasting water wherever you go. It’s easy to use too. Unlike most filter bottles, simply activate the Santevia POWER Stick by submerging into water, and shake or stir for 30 seconds. Water will reach optimum pH and chlorine reduction within 3-5 minutes. No sucking through a filter or squeezing the bottle required. What a relief!


Shake out chlorine, shake in minerals.

Encased in a food-grade stainless steel tube with naturally occurring compounds, the Santevia POWER Stick is a unique and innovative way to power up your water on the go!

Thank you for being a supporter of Santevia. We hope you’ll love the Santevia POWER Water Stick as much as we do!IMG_2050

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