Sustaina-Snacks with KarmaBitez

May 29, 2017

In an era where convenience is key, packaged foods with imported ingredients are on the rise. With that, the health and prosperity of the ecosystems around us can often get pushed aside. Which is why Tiffany Ho and Jollia Fung set out to create a snack that would be delicious and sustainable. Founded just a few years ago, KarmaBitez is Vancouver’s first “upcycled” snack company that prides itself in using top quality ingredients like flax seed, organic juice pulp from local Vancouver juiceries – which are abundant around here – and clean, alkaline water.


Unfortunately, food waste makes up 40% of Metro Vancouver’s landfill, so reducing the amount of organic material that gets thrown away is a top priority for Tiffany and Jollia. They want consumers to wonder where their food comes from, where it’s made, and what it’s doing for the environment.  Santevia is a proud supporter of local, sustainable products. Which is why we’re so thankful to team up with KarmaBitez and provide them with the filtered, mineralized, and alkaline water they use to create their products.


Available in a variety of different flavours like Toasted Sesame Garlic, Coconut Sesame Ginger, and Zest Orange Tarragon, these little juice pulp crackers can be found around the Metro Vancouver area. Perfect for all of the health fanatics out there – these tiny snacks are organic, vegan, and gluten free. Try ordering some of your own online, or pick them up from Nectar or the Soap Dispensary.


Interested in supporting local companies that value sustainability and health? Be sure to visit the KarmaBitez website to view their yummy juice pulp crackers. They might make you a little thirsty, so don’t forget to pick up your very own Santevia Alkaline Pitcher to quench your thirst! Packed with essential minerals and a high pH, Santevia water will improve your health and reduce the amount of plastic waste that is being sent to our landfills!

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