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March 10, 2017

So it’s March now, and it may seem like those New Year’s resolutions are just a distant memory. But just because some of our healthy habits have slipped away, doesn’t mean that we should give up altogether!

Our three part mini-series, Start Today, has wrapped up, but don’t forget the valuable lessons that Sharisse Dalby, Lucas Patriquin, and Saschie MacLean have taught us. Their motivation, determination, and inspiration are traits that should remind us that anyone can attain their health goals if they set their mind to it!

Saschie Maclean, founder of RSVP33, gave us her personal tips on staying healthy and motivated. Saschie used dance as a form of exercise, as an outlet to overcome her grief, and as a way to stay healthy. She encourages her students to take things step by steps, starting with small, healthy habits, like going for a short walk or drinking lots of alkaline water.

“Being well-balanced is absolutely crucial to me finding success in my life.”


The next week we moved on to Lucas Patriquin, founder of Force Pro. Fitness and Meal Works. His passion for fitness was something that he carried with him throughout his whole life, but it wasn’t until he realized that health encompassed more than just exercise. Lucas attributes his health to eating properly and having a good diet, that includes alkaline water.

“Water definitely plays a role in my overall health.”


Finally, Sharisse Dalby, a registered nutritional counsellor, inspired us to overcome even the greatest obstacles to achieve our health goals. Sharisse works with families, children, and individuals to get to the root of their health concerns, to achieve overall wellbeing. Sharisse’s top tips for those looking to become healthier is to increase your water intake, and to consume more vegetables.

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Feeling inspired, determined, and motivated? Sharisse, Lucas, and Saschie all encourage their students to increase their daily intake of water, and Santevia is here to help you with that. We offer a wide range of water filters and on-the-go products that will give you clean, mineralized, and alkaline water; wherever you are!

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This post was written by Makena Anderson

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