Say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles

April 4, 2017

With health consciousness on the rise, it is understandable that people are trying to make nutritious choices. Whether it’s cutting out the dairy, eating more vegetables, or drinking more water, we’re all trying to improve our health.

But it can be difficult to keep up these health goals in a land of packaged snacks and fast food. Convenience is our main concern, and health doesn’t always cooperate with that.

While it might seem healthy and accessible to grab a bottle of water on your way to work, you’re not only harming the environment, you’re also negatively impacting your own health. By now we all know about the devastating effects that single-use plastic bottles have on wildlife and our ecosystems. But those same bottles of water lack important minerals, are acidic, and can even leech chemicals into your drinking water.

Instead of reaching for a bottle of acidic bottled water, try bringing a bottle with you or keeping a glass of water at your desk.

Santevia is working on a product that will make it increasingly accessible and convenient to drink mineralized, clean, and alkaline water throughout your day.

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This post was written by Makena Anderson

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