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Santevia adds calcium, magnesium, and other beneficial minerals normally filtered out of your tap water. The result: water that’s just as healthy as the mineral spring water you find in stores, but without the premium price or plastic waste.

With Santevia, you can enjoy water in its purest form. By echoing the earth’s natural mineral filtration, Santevia restores tap water to the composition nature intended. It also reduces common tap water ingredients you don’t want, like heavy metals and industrial chemicals, leaving you with healthy, great tasting water.

Your body requires an optimal pH level to function properly, and works hard to balance acid and alkaline to maintain it. The average diet today has a more acidic pH level, which can lead to inflammation and illness. Santevia infuses your water with nourishing alkaline minerals, which helps restore your pH balance.

A balanced body recovers from illness faster, stays healthy, and performs more efficiently. Santevia Alkaline Water supports a healthy pH balance–that’s why it’s a popular choice for fitness buffs, athletes and people suffering from chronic illness. It’s also great for anti-aging, supporting immune function, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

One Santevia Alkaline Water System can eliminate up to 14,600 single-use plastic bottles every year. With a Santevia system in your home, you have a constant source of clean, mineralized, alkaline water. When you’re on-the-go, just fill up a BPA-free water bottle like our Santevia Tritan Water Bottle. You’ll be saving money, and saving the planet!



Your body’s natural pH level is 7.36, which it works hard to maintain. Unfortunately, the highly processed, unhealthy diets of today tend to be more acidic on the pH scale, which can lead to illness and disease as the body uses its resources to maintain its balance. Your pH level impacts all of your body's cells, tissues, glands, organs, and organ systems–that's EVERYTHING in your body. Increasing your alkalinity to 7.36 alleviates stress on your organ systems right down to the cells, helping your body fight off illness and disease. Many people are choosing alkaline water to support the body in maintaining optimal pH levels, which also promotes optimal health.






With Santevia’s convenient water filtration products, you can enjoy healthy, mineralized alkaline water and restore balance anytime, anywhere.






Santevia Mineralized Alkaline Water Systems restore tap water to its natural, great tasting and healthiest state. They add nourishing minerals and restore alkalinity to your water, which helps maintain your alkaline body balance for optimal health.