A Santevia Tritan Bottle Adventure

Keep hydrated and mineralized for all of your daily adventures with Santevia. Take your Santevia Tritan Bottle and Alkaline Stick with you to work, school, yoga or the great outdoors to ensure you are performing at your best! Did you know that 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated and demineralized? Drinking coffee, milk, or ​soda does not help to hydrate your body and only makes matters ​worse. Dehydration and demineralization leads to fatigue, excess weight gain, high blood pressure, skin ailments, and more. Designed to be used together, the Santevia Tritan Bottle and Alkaline Water Stick are the perfect eco-friendly sidekick to your everyday adventures. The bottle itself is BPA free, shatter-proof, and dishwasher safe. Every Tritan Bottle can replace more than 1,000 single-use plastic water bottles a year. The Alkaline Water Stick is made of food-grade stainless steel and contains naturally occurring compounds to re-mineralize your water any times, anywhere. The re-mineralization process leaves the water with a fresh and smooth taste. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will never be a chore again with Santevia! Special thanks to the Basson family for letting us film in their lovely home! Learn more about the Santevia Tritan Bottle and Alkaline Stick here: http://www.santevia.mybigcommerce.com/on-the-go/ Filmed and Edited by Kama Sood