Fit Determination

January 19, 2017

With the New Year well on its way, we hope that you’re still focused on your health goals. Here at Santevia we are dedicated to boosting your Fit Determination!

After kicking off our Start Today mini series with Saschie MacLean’s video, we want to introduce to you Lucas Patriquin, founder of Force Pro. Fitness and Meal Works, a food prep company based in Vancouver, BC.


Lucas’ passion for fitness began when he was young, beginning with ice skating in his backyard, basketball and line hockey in middle school, and finally a cross-country team. Eventually, Lucas started to see the true benefits of exercising, and began running and weight lifting in his own free time. He fell in love with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

“My health is something that I’m always trying to improve.”

An important step in Lucas’ journey was realizing that your health is not only attributed to exercising, but also eating properly and having a balanced diet. Lucas wanted to focus on boosting his immune system and overall health so that he was able to operate at a higher level overall.

“Water definitely plays a role in my overall health.”

His number 1 advice for someone who wants to start improving their health today is to hold themselves accountable:

  • Know what your health goals are, write them down!
  • Tell your friends/family about your health goals (they can help keep you accountable)
  • Keep a food diary (20% indulge, 80% healthy)
  • Record your workouts and exercises so that you can review and make changes if you are not seeing the results you want

Do you want to improve your overall health like Lucas did? Start by focusing on a balanced diet and proper hydration: the Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher or Gravity Water System are both great places to start! Click here to view our selection of affordable and alkaline water filters.

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