The New Glass POWER Pair

April 28, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Santevia family!


This dynamic duo brings you the premium choice in clean, healthy water on the go.

Most of us go through our day with a few essential items within arm’s reach at all times. This may include your phone, wallet, keys, etc. But the one thing we generally never have on hand is probably the most essential: a cost effective and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated with clean, healthy, mineralized and alkaline water, all day long.

Staying properly hydrated is critical in maintaining a healthy body. We find ourselves parched throughout the day, grabbing a glass of tap water, or making the “healthy choice” at the vending machine and buying an overpriced bottle of water. While these water options may be better than sugary juice and pop, they are not without their downsides. Drinking tap water may include chugging down some nasty chemicals (like chlorine); and buying bottled water is not only taxing on our wallets and the environment, but can be acidic for our bodies as well. We make these choices because we feel we have to.

But what if you could have a sleek, sexy glass bottle with a convenient sip lid and straw, paired with a mineralizing, alkalizing stick that also reduces chlorine, transforming any tap water into pretty much the equivalent of a fresh mountain spring, everywhere you go? Well now you can!

So what exactly is the POWER Pair?

For the first time ever, and by popular demand, Santevia is launching our first glass water bottle.

The food grade silicone sleeve is not only stylish but provides a comfortable grip and protects against bumps. It is 100% BPA free, odourless and tasteless; lead and hormone free, comes with a spill proof cap and convenient straw, is dishwasher safe, and is the perfect size for the gym, yoga, or the office!

workoutguysstickCompleting the dynamic duo is the Santevia POWER Water Stick.

This amazing little beauty is made up of a food grade stainless steel tube, containing a proprietary blend of minerals (like calcium, magnesium, etc.), that improve taste, reduce chlorine, add minerals, and raise the pH of your water.

Not only is mineralized, alkaline water delicious, it is also a powerful antioxidant, promotes metabolism and provides quicker recovery after exercise.

As if it could get any better, we are proud to say that the Santevia POWER Water stick is manufactured right here at the Santevia head office in BC, Canada. Proudly Canadian!

 Visit today and get ready for your to live your life differently. 


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This post was written by Naomi Schreuder

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