Chromium-6 Reduction with Santevia

November 16, 2016

If you remember the 2000 movie “Erin Brockovich, you may recall chromium-6 – a carcinogenic chemical that polluted the drinking water of residents in Hinkley, California.

A new analysis from the Environmental Working Group (independent advocacy group) found that chromium-6 currently contaminates the water supplies for 218 million Americans in all 50 states.1

The National Toxicology Program conducted a 2 year study in 2008, and found that drinking water with chromium-6 caused cancer in laboratory rats. It was concluded in 2010 by scientists at the Environmental Health Hazard Assessment that even small amounts of chromium-6 can cause cancer in people.

California scientists determined that the public health goal of 0.02 parts per billion in tap water would pose negligible risk over a lifetime of consumption. Aggressive lobbying by industry and water utilities caused the California Department of Public Health to adopt a legal limit 500 times more than the public health goal to 10 parts per billion.

Among the regions with water systems most contaminated by chromium-6 are Phoenix, Arizona; St. Louis County, Missouri; and Houston, Texas.2

Santevia Can Help

As a home water filtrations company, Santevia has been getting inquiries about our systems’ capabilities in removing chromium-6. We have taken action by testing our Gravity Countertop System and Alkaline Pitcher.

Independent tests at an accredited Canadian laboratory have shown that the Santevia Gravity Countertop and 5-stage Filter reduces Cr(VI) – hexavalent  chromium (Chromium 6) – by up to 99.9% and that the Santevia Alkaline Pitcher and filter reduces Cr(VI) by up to 96%.

The Santevia Countertop System takes up to 99.9% of the Chromium 6 out of your water.  The Santevia Alkaline Pitcher takes up to 96% of the Chromium 6 out of your water.





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