The Annual Santevia Staff Retreat – Whistler, Here We Come!

July 14, 2016

Located just a few kilometers south of the active and outdoorsy city of Vancouver, the city of Delta is home to the Santevia office. So, accustomed to the adventurous nature of Vancouver residents, when CEO Yvonne Anderson tells you that you’re headed up to Whistler for a staff retreat you don’t question it, you just grab a pair of sneakers and a warm jacket and hit the road; and this exactly what twelve members of the Santevia team did on June 17, eagerly awaiting a weekend of fun, fitness, and bonding.

The adventure began on Friday morning. The 12 of us divided into 4 cars and made our way up to Whistler. If you have not yet done the drive from Vancouver to Whistler along the Sea to Sky highway, make sure you put it on the bucket list. Between the mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and sea, this breathtaking drive epitomizes the majestic nature of Canada. Read More…

8 Ways to Stay Hydrated this Summer

June 24, 2016

What if I told you that you could boost your energy, mood, athletic performance, and mental processing simply by doing more of something you already do? What if I told you by doing that, you could also keep dozens of health conditions at bay? You might be skeptical – What do I do?

Drink more water!

Over 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Americans and Canadians spend billions every year on things to compensate for our impaired work performance or poor health. Yet most of the solutions – pharmaceuticals, coffee, and energy drinks – not only ignore the underlying problem of dehydration, but actually worsen it in the long run.

How about breaking out of that cycle and seeing all you’re capable of when fully hydrated? Why not see how good you’ll feel and how much money you’ll save? Here are 8 ways to stay hydrated this summer. Read More…

Top 10 Places in Need of Clean, Fresh Water

June 16, 2016

Can you imagine being dependent on dirty water from a lake whose levels recede a bit every year? Probably not; it’s a situation most of us have never had to think of.

Most of us don’t realize that having access to safe drinking water is a privilege. We turn on any tap and it flows. Even when we visit remote areas or foreign countries, it’s usually easy to obtain clean water.

The same cannot be said for many parts of the world. Here are 10 places where the access to clean, fresh water is particularly scarce. Read more…

Pitcher This…

June 9, 2016

Could you imagine a world where opening your faucet led to clean, untainted, great tasting water flowing freely out of your tap? Knowing that you could satisfy your body’s natural urge for hydration, without having to worry about what else you are sipping down on?

What a relief it would be to live like that, but unfortunately, it is not our reality. For us, chemicals and harmful contaminants may linger in our water. But there’s hope! Read more…

The Importance of Clean, Healthy Water

June 3, 2016

In this day and age where most of our lives are focused on being healthy, it is crucial not to forget the importance of hydration. It’s so easy to get swept up by the day and simply forget to get in enough water.

The last thing you want is for all the effort you put into eating healthy and exercising to be void because you are under hydrated. Some of the benefits of being properly hydrated include: weight loss, increased energy, relief from headaches, healthy skin, better digestion, system cleansing, and better exercise.

The quality of water we drink is just as important as the quantity. The best water we can be drinking is filtered, mineralized, alkaline water.

  • We really want to limit the amount of chlorine we ingest in both our drinking and shower water.
  • Our daily consumption of this chemical has been linked to many health concerns, including cancer.

By drinking remineralized alkaline water, you are filling your body’s mineral reserves, allowing your body to balance its pH, and allowing your body to defend itself against disease. Read more…

10 American Cities With the Worst Drinking Water

May 20, 2016


While most of us are aware that drinking tap water can negatively effect our health, few of us understand to what extent, and why.

We have been told that chemicals (like chlorine) are bad for our health, yet most of us still find ourselves relying on our taps as our primary source of drinking water. After all, we are privileged to live in a first world country that gives us access to “safe” drinking water in our homes. Besides, is it not better to risk consuming a few chemicals in order to stay properly hydrated?

The sad truth is that one of our most vital life sources may not be safe, and the water meant to be keeping us alive is slowly killing us. Here is a list of the top 10 America cities with the worst drinking water, based on studies done by the EWG: Read more…

The New Glass POWER Pair

April 28, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Santevia family!


This dynamic duo brings you the premium choice in clean, healthy water on the go.

Most of us go through our day with a few essential items within arm’s reach at all times. This may include your phone, wallet, keys, etc. But the one thing we generally never have on hand is probably the most essential: a cost effective and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated with clean, healthy, mineralized and alkaline water, all day long. Read more…


April 21, 2016


_MG_8867-4Here at Santevia, being Eco-Friendly is one of our core values, and as Earth Day approaches, we reflect on the amazing initiative we were privileged to be a part of last week: Eco Fashion Week. The couture, the designers, the models, all the beautiful people committed to shifting their sphere of reality to being more sustainable; it was truly an inspiring event.

Did you know that the average American throws away 65lbs of clothing every year? Add that to the tremendous amount of resources the fashion industry uses for production, and we find ourselves in need of an intervention.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “what could I possibly do to make an impact, I’m just one person.” One person can do a lot by making minor changes in their daily routines. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the world a healthy and sustainable place.

Eco Fashion Week

It all comes down to the perpetuated consumer cycle. We create the demand the industries need to satisfy, and as the pace increases, so does the waste. It is hard to foresee this changing. We look at the environmental crisis we find ourselves in, and see no hope in turning it around. Call me optimistic, but could you imagine a world where every individual believed that their decisions made an impact? Read more…

Healthy is Beautiful

April 6, 2016

Santevia is thrilled to once again be the official eco-friendly water sponsor for Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week, providing guests with great-tasting, clean, healthy water!

Look for us at Eco Fashion Week and have a taste yourself!

Fashion is one of the most innovative and ever-changing industries in the world. It is also one of the most environmentally damaging. As a trillion-dollar industry, fashion relies on the resources of healthy ecosystems. In order to sustain this industry, Eco Fashion Week is bringing together designers, consumers, and any fashion-conscious and sustainable-minded individuals to think, question, and take action.

Be a part of this thoughtful and stylish event. Learn more and get tickets here:


In a world where the word beauty is synonymous with perfection, and we find ourselves chasing unrealistic expectations, it can be hard to truly be happy in our skin and live the beautiful lives we deserve.

At Santevia, the word beauty has a much more dynamic meaning. We believe confidence, strength of character, and health play a massive role in being beautiful.

To expect every person to have the exact same body, symmetrical facial features, and flawless skin, is to underestimate the diversity of the human race. We were all born different, and we should celebrate that uniqueness, rather than try to change it into conforming with one standard.

Recent trends have shown a shift in seeing health as beautiful, and that starts from within, rejecting the idea that beauty is only skin deep. What you put in your body, and exercising have a way of radiating through the pretense of trying to be perfect, and there is no body more beautiful than a healthy body. Read more…

Santevia at the BC Home & Garden Show!

February 10, 2016

photo 1Santevia is once again excited to be at the BC Home & Garden Show this year! It is the place to find inspiration, resources, cost-effective and expert advice for your upcoming home improvement projects.

Located at BC Place Stadium: 777 Pacific BLVD, Vancouver, BC

Wednesday February 17, 2016       4pm-9pm
Thursday February 18, 2016          12pm-9pm
Friday February 19, 2016               12pm-9pm
Saturday February 20, 2016          10am-9pm
Sunday February 21, 2016             10am-6pm

Get your discounted tickets to the BC Home + Garden Show online today! 

This year Santevia Water Systems will be at Booth 1627. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of our special show discounts, giveaways and more.Stop by and grab a cup of clean, mineralized, alkaline water on us, and taste the healthy difference! Read more…