New! Santevia Bath Filter

April 11, 2017

Although it’s important to ensure you’re drinking clean and mineralized water, what a lot of people don’t realize is that the quality of the water you bathe in is important too! Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, and can have serious health impacts over long periods of time.

Chlorine has been used as a disinfectant for many years, but unfortunately it strips your skin of natural oils, which can cause it to become dry and flakey. These chemicals will also harm the protective bacteria on the surface of your skin, which leads to skin irritations, rashes, acne, and eczema.

So, are you tired of bathing in harsh chemicals? Looking for a fresher, cleaner alternative? Santevia has exactly what you’re looking for!

Our brand new bath filter contains activated carbon components which reduce chlorine, while Maifan Stones restore beneficial trace minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Bathing in chlorine-free water keep you fresh and clean, and keeps your skin healthy.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles

April 4, 2017

With health consciousness on the rise, it is understandable that people are trying to make nutritious choices. Whether it’s cutting out the dairy, eating more vegetables, or drinking more water, we’re all trying to improve our health.

But it can be difficult to keep up these health goals in a land of packaged snacks and fast food. Convenience is our main concern, and health doesn’t always cooperate with that.

While it might seem healthy and accessible to grab a bottle of water on your way to work, you’re not only harming the environment, you’re also negatively impacting your own health. By now we all know about the devastating effects that single-use plastic bottles have on wildlife and our ecosystems. But those same bottles of water lack important minerals, are acidic, and can even leech chemicals into your drinking water.

Instead of reaching for a bottle of acidic bottled water, try bringing a bottle with you or keeping a glass of water at your desk.

Santevia is working on a product that will make it increasingly accessible and convenient to drink mineralized, clean, and alkaline water throughout your day.

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Exposure to Chlorine Other Than Drinking Water

April 3, 2017

Every time you reach for a glass of Santevia water, you’re choosing clean, mineralized, and alkaline water instead of an acidic alternative. But what most people don’t know is that their drinking water isn’t the only thing that needs filtering.

Chemicals that are used to clean public swimming pools are also added to your tap water. Cities around the world use chemicals like chlorine to kill disease-causing pathogens in their water. But, unfortunately these chemicals have a list of their own harmful side effects.

The average American bathes in water with chlorine levels that are comparable to the local swimming pool. Your skin is your largest organ, and the heat from baths and showers can open your pores and exacerbate the amount of chlorine you’re consuming.

Consuming chlorine can have several different effects on your body, but the byproduct of chlorine, chloroform, can have devastating effects on your lungs. Chloroform is created when you take a bath or shower, and the hot water and steam make it easy for you to inhale.

Obviously, you can’t skip bathing altogether, so Santevia is coming up with a great solution to the chlorine problem. Before you know it, we’ll be able to offer you a way to revolutionize your bath experience, and to keep harmful chemicals at bay.

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Start Today

March 10, 2017

So it’s March now, and it may seem like those New Year’s resolutions are just a distant memory. But just because some of our healthy habits have slipped away, doesn’t mean that we should give up altogether!

Our three part mini-series, Start Today, has wrapped up, but don’t forget the valuable lessons that Sharisse Dalby, Lucas Patriquin, and Saschie MacLean have taught us. Their motivation, determination, and inspiration are traits that should remind us that anyone can attain their health goals if they set their mind to it!

Saschie Maclean, founder of RSVP33, gave us her personal tips on staying healthy and motivated. Saschie used dance as a form of exercise, as an outlet to overcome her grief, and as a way to stay healthy. She encourages her students to take things step by steps, starting with small, healthy habits, like going for a short walk or drinking lots of alkaline water.

“Being well-balanced is absolutely crucial to me finding success in my life.”


The next week we moved on to Lucas Patriquin, founder of Force Pro. Fitness and Meal Works. His passion for fitness was something that he carried with him throughout his whole life, but it wasn’t until he realized that health encompassed more than just exercise. Lucas attributes his health to eating properly and having a good diet, that includes alkaline water.

“Water definitely plays a role in my overall health.”


Finally, Sharisse Dalby, a registered nutritional counsellor, inspired us to overcome even the greatest obstacles to achieve our health goals. Sharisse works with families, children, and individuals to get to the root of their health concerns, to achieve overall wellbeing. Sharisse’s top tips for those looking to become healthier is to increase your water intake, and to consume more vegetables.

Click here to watch the Start Today Series!

Feeling inspired, determined, and motivated? Sharisse, Lucas, and Saschie all encourage their students to increase their daily intake of water, and Santevia is here to help you with that. We offer a wide range of water filters and on-the-go products that will give you clean, mineralized, and alkaline water; wherever you are!

What’s Missing From Your Drinking Water?

February 26, 2017

The body is 73% water, so it’s no wonder that people are so concerned about the type of liquids they’re putting into their bodies. But just because your water is clean, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthy. It’s hard to believe that the water you drink everyday could be missing a crucial component; but the average water filter will actually remove minerals that are beneficial to your health.

So What’s the H-2-Know on Mineral Water?

First of all, we should iron out some of the details (yes, that was a mineral joke). Mineral water is a combination of many different minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and more. These minerals will raise the pH of your drinking water and make it more alkaline. If you want to know why alkaline water is good for your health, check out this link.

But who says that mineral water is even good for you?

Well, actually, WHO says that it’s good for you. The World Health Organization (WHO) released a study stating the importance of drinking water with magnesium and calcium, and its relation to a lower risk of heart disease and reduced blood pressure. Not to mention the fact that Montana State University found that individuals who drank mineralized, alkaline water were found to be better hydrated and had higher pH levels.

What now?

Before you run to the store to pick up an expensive, bubbly version of this natural substance, you should know there is an easier way. Santevia products naturally add minerals including calcium and magnesium that will raise the pH of the water.


Better tasting, mineralized and alkaline water is just a click away. Prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure and stay hydrated by drinking Santevia Mineralized Water. Visit the Santevia website and explore the different products that can give you alkaline and mineralized water.

Balanced Inspiration

February 9, 2017

If you’re still sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions, keep up the good work! If you’ve been letting them slip, perhaps you can use some Balanced Inspiration!

In our third and final instalment of the Start Today Series, Sharisse Dalby (Registered Nutritional Counsellor) shares her inspirational journey from overcoming depression and an eating disorder to achieving a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Sharisse consults both in-person and online with families, children, and individuals to discover the cause of health concerns to get them back to their optimal health.

As a pre-teen Sharisse turned to food for comfort and eventually started binge eating and was diagnosed as clinically depressed.

Sharisse realized she needed to make a change for herself, and started to look at food differently.

Things like food was more than just calories, it was actually fuel and had a purpose in my body.

At 22 years old, Sharisse began schooling to become a nutritionist. She turned her health around both mentally and physically.

Sharisse’ advice for those who want to start eating healthy:

  • Increase intake of vegetables – crucial for digestive system
  • Increase intake of water – helps with brain health, concentration


Fit Determination

January 19, 2017

With the New Year well on its way, we hope that you’re still focused on your health goals. Here at Santevia we are dedicated to boosting your Fit Determination!

After kicking off our Start Today mini series with Saschie MacLean’s video, we want to introduce to you Lucas Patriquin, founder of Force Pro. Fitness and Meal Works, a food prep company based in Vancouver, BC.


Lucas’ passion for fitness began when he was young, beginning with ice skating in his backyard, basketball and line hockey in middle school, and finally a cross-country team. Eventually, Lucas started to see the true benefits of exercising, and began running and weight lifting in his own free time. He fell in love with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

“My health is something that I’m always trying to improve.”

An important step in Lucas’ journey was realizing that your health is not only attributed to exercising, but also eating properly and having a balanced diet. Lucas wanted to focus on boosting his immune system and overall health so that he was able to operate at a higher level overall.

“Water definitely plays a role in my overall health.”

His number 1 advice for someone who wants to start improving their health today is to hold themselves accountable:

  • Know what your health goals are, write them down!
  • Tell your friends/family about your health goals (they can help keep you accountable)
  • Keep a food diary (20% indulge, 80% healthy)
  • Record your workouts and exercises so that you can review and make changes if you are not seeing the results you want

Do you want to improve your overall health like Lucas did? Start by focusing on a balanced diet and proper hydration: the Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher or Gravity Water System are both great places to start! Click here to view our selection of affordable and alkaline water filters.

Healthy Motivation

January 10, 2017

Only a couple days into 2017, and it’s already easy to forget about those plans that you promised yourself you’d stay committed to. That’s why Santevia is launching a mini-series focused on keeping on track with those New Year’s Resolutions and your journey to health.

In Healthy Motivation, Saschie MacLean, founder of RSVP33, gives you her personal tips on staying motivated and healthy.


Throughout her childhood, Saschie was a dedicated, competitive athlete; she competed in cheerleading throughout high school and university, and stayed fit later on through dance. But after losing her sister in a car accident a few years ago, Saschie decided to use dance not only as a form of exercise, but also as a way to overcome her grief and get back on track to being healthy.

She signed up for more dance classes as a way to make friends, feel healthier, and get back on track with her fitness goals.

After falling in love with dance, and Beyoncé again, Saschie co-founded RSVP33 to inspire others to stay healthy, happy, and fit.

She suggests taking things step by step, and building on small, good habits.

“Being well-balanced is absolutely crucial to me finding success in my life.”

Her best tips are:

– get outside for a short walk at the beginning of your day

– turn off your phone thirty minutes earlier than you normally would before you go to sleep

– drink more mineralized, alkaline water from your Santevia Alkaline Pitcher or Gravity Water System

Don’t wait another day to improve your health.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

So start today!


Start Today

January 6, 2017

It’s a new year! If you think having gone another lap around the sun will somehow improve and change you for the better, prepare to be disappointed.

Resolutions are just cliches if you don’t put action towards them and hold yourself accountable, but the human mind is a powerful thing. Coincide action with motivation, determination, and inspiration to set yourself up for success!

You are the only one who can take action, but Santevia can help by providing you with motivation, determination, and inspiration.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

So Start Today.


In Healthy Motivation, Saschie MacLean (RSVP 33) shares how in grieving the passing away of her sister motivated her to heal through dance. Date: January 10


In Fit Determination, Lucas Patriquin (FORCE Pro. Fitness) talks about his determination in staying true to his passion and finding success. Date: January 19

4 Healthy Holiday Recipe Substitutions

December 9, 2016
All of us here at Santevia are gearing up for the holiday season. We’ve compiled a list of our best recipes.

The holidays are a time to relax and have fun, but that doesn’t mean that all of your health goals should just fly out the window. Christmas meals are a great opportunity to show everyone at the table how easy (read: yummy) it can be to eat healthy. You don’t have to sacrifice taste and flavour in order to have a nutritious dinner! So before your reach for the butter and sugar, take a quick look through a few alkaline alternatives to the standard Christmas dinner sides.


Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

Instead of: Mashed Potatoes

You might have hated them as a kid, but these small bundles of green are packed with tons of great nutrients; Vitamin C will keep your cells healthy, preventing heart disease and cancer, and the fiber in these little sprouts will lower your cholesterol levels and keep your digestive system working properly. Pair them with sweet potatoes and it’ll keep stress at bay this holiday season; sweet potatoes are high in magnesium, which is known as the relaxation mineral.

Find the recipe here!


Orange Cranberry Relish

Instead of: Cranberry Sauce

I bet you thought that relish was just for burgers – but not anymore. Swap out your grandma’s cranberry sauce recipe for a much healthier version of the topping: Instead of a can-full of sugary, processed cranberry(ish) sauce, make your own relish using fresh cranberry and ripe oranges. Cranberries are at the top of the list health-wise (and taste-wise): these little berries pack a punch of antioxidants that will fight off free radicals and lower your risk of developing harmful diseases like cancer. Not to mention oranges, which areknown for their outrageous vitamin C content, these juicy fruits are also highly alkaline.

Find the recipe here!


Walnut Kale Quinoa Stuffing

Instead of: Store Bought Stuffing

Come on, you should’ve known that we would find a way to sneak kale onto this list. After all it is the superfood; the holy grail of all things healthy. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit, but it is delicious and – the best part! – in season around Christmas. The fiber, potatassium,  vitamin C and B6 found in kale support heart health; the chlorophyll inhibits cancer growth; and the vitamin K aids in bone health. Mix in some heart-healthy quinoa, and you’ve got a complete protein. This side dish is not only delicious and alkaline, but you can eat it all by itself.

Find the recipe here!


Spiced Hot Fruit Bake

Instead of: Pumpkin Pie

The best way to finish off a great meal is with an even better dessert. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be loaded with fat, sugar and other acidic ingredients. The best foods are ones that you can grow in the earth, and (better yet!) are grown in your local area. Grab some winter fruit and toss in some nutritious spices to create a well rounded holiday dessert. Cinnamon is amazing because it can lower your risk of developing heart disease, as well as lowering blood sugar levels. Nutmeg is packed with trace minerals that will keep your immune system strong, and our favourite part about this seasonal spice? It will help you catch some Zs, which is definitely what you’re going to need after spending the day cooking for your whole family.

Find the recipe here!



Our best tip that we can give you this holiday season: stay hydrated with mineralized, alkaline water. Keep an alkaline water pitcher on the dinner table, and a glass of clean water by your side throughout the entire holiday season. Stop by our online store to check out gift packages that are perfect for you and your entire family.