Get To Know Us: Science Team

August 14, 2017

You’ve already met the Customer Service and Marketing departments, but this week we’re here to tell you about the Science Team. Mysteriously quiet and always concentrated, this team clad in white coats is responsible for giving you the quality products that you know and love. Hours of pouring, shaking, stirring, testing, checking (and double checking) have made them one of our most beloved teams here at the office.


8 (Unexpected!) Ways To Be More Alkaline

July 31, 2017

You may have heard a lot of buzz about alkaline diets or “acid-ash” diets, and you may be wondering what it’s all about. Your body’s natural pH is around 7.36, but unfortunately a lot of foods and drinks in the standard North American diet are acidic (we’re looking at you packaged snacks). By following these simple tips on being more alkaline, you can help your body neutralize some of its acidity, improving your overall health and restoring your body’s natural balance.


The Need To Know on Water Pollution

July 19, 2017

Water pollution affects millions of people around the world everyday. In fact, 1 in 10 people do not have access to safe drinking water, putting them at risk for waterborne illnesses and poor health. Unfortunately, pollutants in water sources can lead to cognitive impairment in children, disease, and in some cases, death.


Getting to know Yvonne Anderson

July 3, 2017

Top of the stairs, to the left and at the end of the hall – that’s where you’ll find CEO Yvonne Anderson’s office. Except that’s not where you’ll find her most days; When she’s not in and out of the office at meetings, she’s around the building, encouraging staff members and helping them accomplish goals. With a Master’s degree in Leadership, Yvonne’s passionate about building team and developing people. “It inspires me to see people grow and develop, [seeing them] learn to be healthy and productive.” Although her business is important to her, her main goal is to inspire people to be healthy. “I see myself as a health advocate, helping to educate people.”

“I see myself as a health advocate, helping to educate people.”


10 Reasons to Drink Mineralized Water Everyday

June 19, 2017

Before we get started, we need to iron out some of the details (ha!). Mineralized water is more than the bubbly, soda water that you pick up in the grocery store. Sure, those bottled beverages have their own list of health benefits, but we’re talking about real, natural, mineralized water – not the kind that can be manufactured artificially. The water that we’re talking about replicates the natural process that water goes through in nature- flowing through streams and passing over stones, to obtain essential trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and more.

Using gravity as a means of filtration and mineralization, Santevia products offer you mineralized water that is as genuine as you would find water in nature. But what’s the big deal anyway? It seems like people everywhere are jumping on the mineral water train, and we’re here to tell you why that’s a good thing.


Our Greatest Natural Resource

June 5, 2017

Although we’re most often characterized by our apologetic nature and frigid climate, Canada has a lot more to offer than just that. With an abundance of untouched natural landscapes, cultural diversity, and not two, but three “official” languages (our very own quirky slang), it’s no wonder we’re all so proud to be Canadian. At the top of this list though, is the abundance of natural resources that we host in our 9.985 million km² of land. Like our vast – seemingly infinite – supply of water (and maybe maple syrup too…).

In a nation surrounded by oceans, full of lakes, and equipped with what seems like a never ending supply of rain and snow, it’s hardly surprising that we have access to so much water. But just because it’s available doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always safe to consume. Which is why cities across Canada do their best to properly treat the natural resources of water before they ever reach our taps.


Sustaina-Snacks with KarmaBitez

May 29, 2017

In an era where convenience is key, packaged foods with imported ingredients are on the rise. With that, the health and prosperity of the ecosystems around us can often get pushed aside. Which is why Tiffany Ho and Jollia Fung set out to create a snack that would be delicious and sustainable. Founded just a few years ago, KarmaBitez is Vancouver’s first “upcycled” snack company that prides itself in using top quality ingredients like flax seed, organic juice pulp from local Vancouver juiceries – which are abundant around here – and clean, alkaline water.


No Disease Can Exist in an Alkaline Environment

May 11, 2017

Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-12525 / Georg Pahl / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Dr. Otto Warburg was born in 1883 in Freiburg, Germany. He studied under Emil Fischer in Berlin, until receiving a Doctorate in Chemistry in 1906. By the age of twenty-eight, he also received a Doctorate in Medicine.

He spent a significant portion of his life studying oxygen consumption and fermentation. In 1928, he released the well-known paper, “The Chemical Constitution of Respiration Ferment”, where he differentiates the energy consumption between regular body cells and cancer cells. In the paper, Warburg highlights that regular body cells acquire energy through oxygen, making them obligate aerobes (for those of us who don’t have a background in science – that means they require oxygen to survive). Whereas cancer cells can split glucose into lactic acid through the process of fermentation to survive, making them partial anaerobes (meaning they don’t need oxygen to survive).

“No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.”

-Dr. Otto Warburg


Eco Fashion Week

April 25, 2017

On the west coast, we know there’s more to life than just work. We strive for a balanced life of fun, health, and purpose. We know how important it is to appreciate the water, nature, and clean air that we have around us, which is why we’re so dedicated to keeping it clean.

Here in Vancouver, we do more than wear yoga pants, hike, and drink fresh pressed juice. We’re home to great fashion, contemporary ideas, and sustainability; we strive to find new ways to keep our city healthy. So, it’s no wonder that Vancouver, one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world, is host of beloved Eco Fashion Week.

It’s exciting as Vancouverites to see how Eco Fashion week is becoming a pioneer in an industry that is usually focussed on excess. Redefining trends and shaping style in a way that pushes us to find sustainable practices in all aspects of our life.

“Think about what you have. Think about what you’re wasting.”

Myrian Laroche, founder and president of Eco Fashion Week, urges us all to question what we’re buying, the materials we’re using, on how these factors affect the environment that we live in. It’s important to acknowledge the impact that our choices have on the environment.

“Reduce and reuse.”

Myriam stresses the importance of gathering clothing and other items that are reusable. It’s good to recycle, but the first two “R”s are: Reduce and Reuse. You can easily minimize your impact on the environment by choosing products that promote sustainability, like Santevia’s reusable Tritan or Glass Bottle.

Visit our website to view our full line of sustainable products that will deliver you clean, mineralized, and alkaline water. Here at Santevia, we’re dedicated to keeping you happy, healthy, and alkaline.

New! Santevia Power Pouch

April 11, 2017

Tired of purchasing single-use plastic water bottles, or searching for a water fountain wherever you go? Plastic water bottles have devastating impacts on the environment, and they’re not good for your health either.

Most bottled water companies harvest their water from municipal sources, meaning that the water is chlorinated and acidic.

Santevia wants to provide a solution that is not only convenient, but will also deliver you clean, alkaline water on-the-go.

The small, easy-to-carry Power Pouches will improve taste, reduce chlorine, add minerals, and raise the pH of your water. Each Power Pouch will give you 10 bottles of clean, mineralized, alkaline water on-the-go. The chlorine reduction and mineralization process will give you delicious water that will increase your energy and metabolism, and act as a powerful antioxidant.

The recommended intake of 10 glasses of water a day will no longer be a chore; perfect for travelling, you can take the power pouch with you to the gym, office, yoga class, or any outdoor activity.