5 Things that Anyone can do to get healthier

September 15, 2016

There are more challenges to staying healthy than ever before. Not only are we bombarded with a constant flow of information on health, but our environment can threaten us as well from super bugs to climate-related illnesses. Unbelievably, some health experts have even predicted that our life expectancy will decrease unless we make serious lifestyle changes.

The good news is that we still have a lot of control over our health; for example, an estimated 95% of cancer cases are related to lifestyle – and can thus be prevented. In particular, there are 5 actions that we can take to ensure we are in the best health possible.

  1. Hydrate with Quality, filtered water


An estimated 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, making them vulnerable to a range of chronic health conditions such as arthritis and constipation. Amazingly, people often try to mask the effects of dehydration – lack of focus, lack of energy – by drinking coffee, which worsens dehydration in the long run.

Dehydration and hydration is often a matter of habit. Drinking a liter of water every morning, along with an 8 oz glass every couple of hours, is an excellent one.

  1. Eat a healthy, varied diet with adequate minerals and vitamins


Statistics show 92% of Americans to be deficient in either vitamins or minerals, vital parts of the biochemical reactions that occur in our bodies. People who consume their recommended amount of these nutrients are even rarer in the population as lefties!

Since there are 16 different minerals and 13 vitamins found in various quantities in various foods, the easiest way to stay mineralized is to eat a healthy, yet varied diet with fruits, vegetables, meats (or meat replacements), grains, seeds; most unprocessed foods will help to keep you mineralized.

  1. Pay attention to Nutrition


As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

Your primary concern in building a nutritious diet should be ensuring you are getting enough of all your macronutrients. The three macronutrients – called so because they are the most important determinants of health – are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Another important concern is the acidity/alkalinity balance of your diet; the Standard American Diet, filled with animal and processed foods, tilts toward acidic.

We thus suggest that you eat a healthy, varied diet that gives you all your macronutrients while keeping a balance of acidic and alkaline foods. For most of us, this means adding more fruits, vegetables, and whole/alkaline grains to our diet while cutting down on sugar, coffee, processed foods, alcohol.

  1. Learn how to de-stress


Medical research has found stress, which decreases immunity, to be directly linked to a mind-boggling range of mental and physical illnesses, including:

  • Headaches
  • Infections
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Asthma
  • Gastric Ulcers
  • Obesity
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Accelerated aging and premature death

Thus, it is extremely important to be able to de-stress. Some activities that you might be able to use to de-stress include:

  • Deep breathing
  • Cardiovascular exercise, such as walking outside
  • Reframing stressful situations to seem less intimidating
  • Repetitive, concentration-demanding activities such as knitting
  • Using relaxation techniques, meditation, or yoga
  1. Follow a balanced exercise regime


Different types of exercise offer different health benefits. For example, cardiovascular exercise, such as long-runs on the treadmill or High Intensity Interval Training, improves the efficacy of your heart. Resistance training, often done with weights, builds your muscles, increases your strength, raises your resting calorie burn and helps prevent injuries.

We suggest that you find a mix of exercise activities – including cardio, resistance training, and sports – that you enjoy and can perform frequently. Following your exercise regime consistently over time will ensure you results.

A Final Word

The modern world that we live in offers many challenges to remaining healthy. Fortunately, the same modern world has also equipped with the technologies and tools we need to solve those challenges. Santevia Water Systems uses healthy, cost-effective and ecologically-responsible ways to create mineralized alkaline water.

Santevia Mineralized Alkaline Water goes beyond simply tasting great and keeping you hydrated; it also improves your nutrition by providing you with minerals and counter-balancing the stress placed on your body by an acidic diet. Unsurprisingly, doctors such as Michele Schoffro Cook have touted drinking alkaline water as ‘one of the best things you can do for your health.’

Santevia’s Mineralized Alkaline Water is available through a range of products, allowing you to stay healthy whatever your lifestyle. To begin your journey towards improved health, we encourage you to visit our website, browse our products, and take advantage of our sales and specials. To Health!

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This post was written by Chris Herron

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